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Fence Applications

Residential Fences

Fences provide privacy for homes and protection for your children and pets. First Class Fence offers solutions to protect and secure your home while complementing the beauty of your home's exterior with high-quality materials and a variety of fence styles. Automatic driveway gates are also available.

residential privacy fence

Privacy Fences

Privacy fences are between five and six feet tall and are made of wood, a combination of wood and metal, polyvinyl (PVC), or composite, depending on city, town, or homeowners' association (HOA) ordinances. (We recommend checking.) The benefits of a privacy fence include sheltering your backyard from the elements, protecting your home from intruders, keeping your children and pets safely on your property, and dampening outside noises. Privacy fences for backyards are aesthetically pleasing and bring added value to your home.

residential garden fence

Garden Fences

Garden fences, typically a shorter height, can set a border around your plants, protecting your flowers or vegetables from larger pests and adding aesthetic appeal to your home. Edging your garden can accent your pathways and help prevent people from accidentally stepping on plants, keeping your yard neat and your guest safe. Options include ornamental, iron, steel, wood and polyvinyl (PVC). Styles may include colonial picket, archways, diamond set posts and many more.

Dog Runs and Pet Fences

Install a safe, friendly dog run or pet fence in your backyard. These are a great option if you have a small property or busy life that restricts your time at home. Give your beloved pets outdoor access while you are away so they can enjoy beautiful weather, fresh air and exercise to stay happy.

Commercial Fence Applications

First Class Fence offers solutions to protect and secure your business with high-quality materials and styles. Fences provide privacy for businesses and safety for employees and business assets. Gated entryways with intercom systems or remote access are available.

commercial apartment complex fence

Apartment and Condominium Complex Fences

Fences built to surround multi-family complexes such as an apartment building or condominium community provide security, aesthetics and controlled access to homes. A low-maintenance privacy fence is a value-added amenity to promote when selling to prospective families. You will enjoy added security for your children and pets by preventing them from running off the property and getting lost. We also install commercial security telephone entry systems for controlled entry of guests to private communities.

commercial industrial fence

Commercial and Industrial Business Fences

Protect your commercial property, employees and business equipment with a tall security chain link or polyvinyl (PVC) fence. These fences are easy to install and are a smart investment for protecting your business assets. We also install automatic security gate operators for controlled access without the need for a security guard.

commercial garden fence

Public Garden Fencing

Fence edging with shorter garden fences around your public gardens can help prevent people from accidentally stepping on plants and provides a welcome accent to public pathways, keeping your community beautiful and your visitors safe.

Government/Municipality Fences

We offer fencing solutions for Chicago and surrounding area government facilities, grounds and parks. We provide high-quality fence materials and expert contract construction for government building security such as crash barriers and anti-climb and anti-ram protection, as well as automatic sliding and swinging security gates for controlled entry and secure government building access.

Access Control Applications

access control driveway gate

Automatic Driveway Gates for Private Homes

An automatic driveway gate helps to secure your property, deterring unwanted visitors and protecting pets and children from running onto a busy street. We offer a combination of wood and metal fence installation, which provides a strong metal structure with the beautiful visual appeal of a wood fence, as well as ornamental iron driveway gates to maintain your home's appearance.

access control gate operator

Commercial Gate Operators for Businesses and Government Properties

First Class Fence employs expert contractors in secured gate access systems for large commercial and government properties. Whether your business needs a slide track gate, swing gate, vehicle barrier gate, gate camera, card reader or telephone entry system, we can install custom solutions to protect and restrict access to your building. Also see our security gate system maintenance services.